Dream Warrior is Alive! I Finally Read My Pilot!

I Finally Read Dream Warrior!

I read my pilot “Dream Warrior” at Re/Arte Centro Literário with the Latinx Comedy Pachanga ensemble + friends!

Man, it was a powerful moment to finally share this very personal piece of writing with the world.

Basically, a cowardly and selfish community college English teacher has to become a superhero when he inherits the mantle of “Dream Warrior” (a shaman who fights people’s demons in their dreams).

Towards the end I wanted to start crying – hearing everyone read the script in the room together with the audience reconnected me with the work in a way I didn’t expect; it took me back to the moment I finished it and accepted that I had written something special.

It was the kinda moment that felt scripted, but that there was no way I could write – validation from the universe.

Big Thanks to My Cast:

Audrey Pinto
Gio Ornellas
Frankie Estrella
Oscar Ramirez
Victor Bryan Olivas
Jonathan Farach

Thanks to Rearte LA for hosting us (host your events here! Just hit them up on IG)

Thanks to my sis, Melissa Funes, for all the help with social media and producing.

Thankfully to Chris Trovador for the amazing artwork.

And a very special thanks to the Pack Theater’s Pilot Writing Class. Keisha Zollar and Andrew Kimler guided me from start to finish with this pilot, helping me grow this seed into a beautiful garden of a pilot. If you want to write your first pilot, I highly recommend you take their “Writing a Pilot” online class ASAP.

So now what? The ensemble gave me a bunch of great notes, so now it’s time to punch up! Stay tuned for the next chapter of “Dream Warrior!”

Write the thing because writing it will change you for the better.

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Events, Shows

The Busiest June of My Life! 5 Shows in 4 Days

So Many Shows!

Lots of shows this week!

I’m hosting Kim & Eric and Miss Golightly at the Glendale Room this Thursday at 9pm (this is a free show!)

At last, I’m reading my pilot “Dream Warrior” at Rearte LA (a Chicano bookstore in Boyle Heights) at 8pm with the Latinx Comedy Pachanga + friends (this show is free too!)

On Saturday, I’ll be doing improv with Company of Angels at our home space in Boyle Heights along with other amazing BIPOC comedy (tickets are only $10)

And on Sunday, I’ll be doing improv with Nuisance at the Pack Theater at 8pm, and at 10pm we’ll be doing Cuñados, Cuñadas, y Carnales, our Latinx panel show!

If y’all come to all 5, I’ll take you to KBBQ in the future!

So check it out! 

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Camp Improv Utopia, Scene Work, Teachers

I Studied with Rebecca Sohn at Camp Improv Utopia West, and I Loved It!

Got to study with Rebecca Sohn for the first time at Camp Improv Utopia West!

It was a real treat for me as I’ve been studying with Rich Sohn for the past year and a half on Zoom through the Pack Theater, and to be honest, I’ve been a fan of his since he and Rebecca first arrived in LA.

Rebecca’s workshop was amazing! She taught us to deescalate the pressure we as improvisers put on ourselves to have amazing scene starts, and to just go out there connect with our scene partner and have fun.

Here are some nuggets of Rebecca’s Wisdom:

The scene that is happening is the most important moment.

Just because someone steps out to support doesn’t mean they have an idea.

We have to be tricked into not getting into our heads.

The person who took the risk just wants someone to show up for them.

Free yourselves of what constitutes a good initiation.

A good initiation: someone starts talking

Remember: we’re the only ones who care about the form and suggestion (the audience doesn’t).

No pressure is permission to make any choice.

As improvisers, we are most powerful when we stick to the first choice.

Beginning a scene is like rowing a boat: you’re moving forward but always looking back to what’s happened before.

One more takeaway:

I loved that we had a workshop on this micro-skill. It’s little things like this that actually make a big difference in becoming a balanced improviser.

Also, I was humbled by Rebecca’s confession that this is something’s she’s still dealing with; therefore, this is something we’ll all deal with for the rest of our improv journeys. It’s good to know there’s always more to learn. Now go study with Rebecca, y’all! And go to Camp Improv Utopia!

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I Just Did 5 Shows in 3 Days!

Reading poems at Gatsby Books in Long Beach, CA.

5 Shows in 3 Days!

I just did 5 shows in 3 days!

3 poetry shows (first time I’ve ever done that!)

1 improv show

1 Latinx panel show

Plus, I went to a Latinx Writers Meetup from La Lista Podcast and I bumped into a long lost comedy friend, Rafael, showrunner of the Sin Vervuenca Spanish Standup Show.

Here’s what I learned!

1. Poetry is forever

2. I’m grateful to CLI (Community Literature Initiative) for showing me that

3. You should share your poetry because you never know how it’s going to help someone, including inspiring them to write their own.

4. A poet’s job is to articulate shared universal pain by writing about their specific experiences

5. A space derives its power from its community

6. Like a spirit animating a body, a community breathes life into a space.

7. Poetry has to be read out loud, so I’m going to put up more poetry shows

8. La Lista Podcast has built a strong community of Latinx writers, and I’m grateful to Rubén Mendive for a creating a space for all of us to meet

9. It’s really cool to be part of an ensemble finding its style and voice.

10. I’m grateful for being on Nuisance and creating with them.

11. We had a really fun, bonkers practice, and I think bonkers is the sweet spot for my improv. We had a great show too.

12. Ryan Hitchcock is a good Improv coach. I highly recommend y’all hire him for your improv groups.

13. My long lost bud, Rafael, is a hella funny standup and showrunner. Good to see you, dude!

14. I’m really grateful for Joe Felix. He’s really grown as a co-producer for Cuñados, Cuñadas, y Carnales. Dude is becoming a leader.

15. Andy Lomeli is a leading man, y’all. Dude has gravitas and then some.

16. Cuñados, Cuñadas, y Carnales is coming along. I believe in this show.

17. Also, Menudo is so funny! Book them for your shows!

18. I will always love Richard Aaron, co-founder of the Latinx Comedy Pachanga.

19. Don’t be afraid to put your work out into the universe. You never know how it’s going to change someone, including yourself.

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Really Proud of the Latinx Comedy Pachanga’s Work in 2022 So Far!

Look at all these beautiful Latinx comics!

We’re Crushing It!

Really proud of all the work the Latinx Comedy Pachanga has done this year so far!

Here’s what we’ve done so far:

1). Launched a live version of our Latinx panel show, Cuñados, Cuñadas, y Carnales – we spent a year developing this show on Twitch, so it was great to do it live at the Pack Theater

2). Completed a run of Ka-Blahm-O! shows at Catsby – this show found its voice by becoming a stand-up/solo showcase with just a bit of clown energy and pro wrestling spirit in its veins

3). Had our first Potluck of the year at the Glendale Room, and had a really great “You should’ve been there” time – this variety hour is our longest running show, so I’m glad we put it up

4). Met new and amazing Latinx comics who blew my mind with their talents, POVs, and energies – LA is bursting with so many funny Latinx comics!

5). Was reminded of the amazing talents in the Pachanga ensemble – people have stepped up as producers, performers, writers, and ambassadors, and I’m all for it! I can’t wait to see more of it!

6). We did shows at The Clubhouse, Pack Theater, The Glendale Room, and Thymele Arts*

*To my tocaya, I consider our Fernandx sets mini Pachanga shows!

7). We featured a bunch of Latinx comics from the huge umbrella that is Latinx, and we all supported and lifted each other up!

8). I want to repeat the last point: we showcased a bunch of Latinx talent – The Pachanga will always be about putting up Latinx voices front and center.

As long we keep doing that – and providing as many opportunities for Latinx artists as possible – we’re going to be amazing.

Thank you to all the artists who shared their talents with the Pachanga so far this year, and I’m grateful for your talents and contributions.

And thank you to the venues and audiences who made all this possible!

It’s true: if you build it, they will come.

We got more shows coming up, so stay tuned!

Also, props to Melissa Funes for all the artwork, promotion, social media, and just general amazing help!

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