The Infamous “How I Got My Agent” Post

Lara Henerson

As Confucius once said, “If you get an agent but don’t tell anyone how you did it, did you even get an agent at all?” (He also said “don’t believe everything you read on the internet.”) (In case you missed it, I am lying.)

But I’m not lying about this: Getting an agent took a lot of hard work and persistence. At the risk of being a total cliché, I figured why not share my journey, in case it helps any aspiring authors out there?

I should start by saying that CAFE EUPHORIA, the book I’ll soon be revising with my new agent, was not the first book I queried. That book was called MADWOMAN, and it was very therapeutic to write but also ended up being a bit problematical. I queried it for about a year, and though various professionals at conferences said it was well written, it was…

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Dream Warrior is Alive! I Finally Read My Pilot!

I Finally Read Dream Warrior!

I read my pilot “Dream Warrior” at Re/Arte Centro Literário with the Latinx Comedy Pachanga ensemble + friends!

Man, it was a powerful moment to finally share this very personal piece of writing with the world.

Basically, a cowardly and selfish community college English teacher has to become a superhero when he inherits the mantle of “Dream Warrior” (a shaman who fights people’s demons in their dreams).

Towards the end I wanted to start crying – hearing everyone read the script in the room together with the audience reconnected me with the work in a way I didn’t expect; it took me back to the moment I finished it and accepted that I had written something special.

It was the kinda moment that felt scripted, but that there was no way I could write – validation from the universe.

Big Thanks to My Cast:

Audrey Pinto
Gio Ornellas
Frankie Estrella
Oscar Ramirez
Victor Bryan Olivas
Jonathan Farach

Thanks to Rearte LA for hosting us (host your events here! Just hit them up on IG)

Thanks to my sis, Melissa Funes, for all the help with social media and producing.

Thankfully to Chris Trovador for the amazing artwork.

And a very special thanks to the Pack Theater’s Pilot Writing Class. Keisha Zollar and Andrew Kimler guided me from start to finish with this pilot, helping me grow this seed into a beautiful garden of a pilot. If you want to write your first pilot, I highly recommend you take their “Writing a Pilot” online class ASAP.

So now what? The ensemble gave me a bunch of great notes, so now it’s time to punch up! Stay tuned for the next chapter of “Dream Warrior!”

Write the thing because writing it will change you for the better.

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Gin Belly + 2012 at the Glen Room Were Amazing!

What a fun night of long from improv comedy!

Gin Belly + 2012 at the Glendale Room was awesome! These teams are hilarious, y’all!

And what a great way to kick off the Glendale Room’s Longform Thursdays!

Every Thursday there will be a FREE Longform Improv Jam at the Glendale Room from 7pm to 8:30pm followed shortly by some amazing Longform teams at 9pm!

In the next few weeks we’re going to have:

Red Door
We’ll Adapt
Miss Golightly
Kim and Eric
And some other amazing teams!

So join us! It’s going to be fun!

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Latinx Panel Show This Sunday, May 22 at the Pack Theater

Cuñados, Cuñadas, y Carnales Goes Live This Sunday, May 22 at 10pm.

Latinx Like to Talk

I grew up in a family of chatterboxes – everyone was always talking all the time about whatever.

I don’t know why it’s like that, but I have my theories.

– We live in large, intergenerational homes, so there’s just a lot of people living under one roof

– There wasn’t as many things competing for our attention nowadays as there used to be. And I’m talking pre-TV and radio. Or maybe you had one over the other

– There’s a rich history of oral history because the spoken word is an easy and proven way to keep our family stories alive

– Also, we’re a bunch of chismosos who like to talk shit about each other!

And that’s what we’re going to do this Sunday, May 22 at the Pack Theater at 10pm for Cuñados, Cuñadas, y Carnales!

This is our Latinx Panel Show where we get a group of our favorite Latinx comedians and play trivia games – it’s a lot of fun!

We’re going to have

Patrick Lopez
Burrito Lady Pam

And hosted by the amazing Andy Lomeli and Joe Felix!

Join us!

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Another Amazing LA Improv Summit! EP.6 Was a Success!

Teams represented: Menudo, The Tango, Downtown Menagerie, The Story Goes, Ka-Blahm-O!, The Improv Council, and FernGully

So Much Freaking Talent

Well, we had another successful LA Improv Summit!

This was such a fun show!

Here are my takeaways!

– I’m loving musical improv; it’s so fun to just go out there and sing a made up song on the spot!

– I’m so lucky to have Kristen Gull go on that journey with me. We had some great songs, always being in connection with each other and being affected by the other. I can’t wait to do FernGully again!

– And big thanks to Barton Lewis for playing music for us! He brought a great energy to the show, and his presence and contributions were welcomed!

– The Tango has a really coo, grounded and patient style with lots of listening and calling out stuff and layering of facts to build a world. I dig their stuff!

– Downtown Menagerie put up a loving homage to Chinatown and other classic film noirs. They play with a certain rhythm, always keeping you engaged and playing with steam to take the story where it needs to go in due time.

– Menudo! Such a fun group! You could tell they really love each other because they play with a freedom you can only achieve from having a strong bond built on trust and liking being around each other.

– The Story Goes is amazing! Everyone needs to see them! I felt like I was watching a traveling theater company that goes from town to town bringing the magic of acting and writing to the masses.

– Ka-Blahm-O! Frankie Estrella, man, dude turns up to an 11 every show. He’s leader guitar and vocals and I’m bass and drums, and somehow it all works!

– Finally, The Improv Council was very special last night as everyone who played last night were people I’m on teams with either officially or unofficially. It was cool to share the stage with people I love and respect.

Damn, that was a lot! Long story short – go book all these teams and players; they all rock and deserve to be seen by everyone!

Next LA Improv Summit is going to be Saturday, June 11! Stay tuned for the lineup!