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The Improv Life: Why Red Door Rocks!

An Improv Masterclass

The Improv Life: Why Red Door Rocks!

Well my first post-Covid show is in the books!

I booked Red Door at the Glendale Room, and they crushed it!

Pro-tip: you gotta watch great improv if you want to be a great improviser. And every time I watch Red Door I feel like I learn something new and unknown while being wildly entertained and engaged the whole time – that’s a standard we should all aspire too.

Every show is a masterclass in character work, space object work, transitions, editing, how to throw in jabs and pimps to throw your scene partner off but you low key know they can do it, and the power of having fun playing with someone you just really like fucking with.

Red Door rocks!

I encourage you all to go watch them ASAP!

And remember: you gotta study your craft if you want to master it.

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Why Red Door is The World’s Best Improv Team

Left To Right: Frankie Estrella, Ryan Marisco, Justin Michael Terry, Jared Pilovka, Fernando A. Funes

Go Watch Red Door

Red Door Appreciation Post!

Alright, y’all, if there’s one improv team you gotta make time to go and watch, it’s Red Door.

Red Door are an amazing improv comedy duo who are the most physical improvisers you’ll ever see!

They skydive into lived-in characters while jumping back and forth from from multiple threads, through lines, themes, running gags and bits and call backs, all weaved together into a beautiful tapestry of unscripted theater that exemplifies the best of our art form – these dudes are the shit!

So far this year I’ve seen them crush at the Improv Collective, The Glendale Room, and The LA Improv Summit – and it’s been amazing every time!

And guess what!? You have a chance to see them this weekend on Saturday, July 30 as part of the Orange County Improv Fest at the Frida Cinema! So go check them out!

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Fernando, Ryan, Justin, and Sean Casey of The Glendale Room

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The Glendale Room is My Oracle Park

Let’s Play Ball!

Here’s a picture from a show at the Glendale Room a few weeks back!

Nuisance (my Pack House Improv Team) along with Frick’n’Seilaff, Ka-Blahm-O! and a fun mashup team put on a great night of improv comedy.

The Glendale Room has some really good energy. Something about the space makes it fun and easy to perform.

It reminds me of Oracle Park where the San Francisco Giants play.

It’s a baseball stadium built to be nothing else but a not-too-big ball park for hitting homers, stealing bases, clapping at double plays, drinking beer, and shooting the breeze with your friends during a long afternoon of nine dudes trying to stop one dude from getting home.

Basically, The Glendale Room is made for live comedy, and it’s perfect for that. The intimacy generated from the energy in the space is unique and special, and I encourage you to check it out when you get a chance.

In fact, I’ll be putting up a show there tomorrow night at 8:30pm featuring Ka-Blahm-O!, Sunset Brunch, and a mashup team. This is a free show, so join us!

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The Pool Party Was a Success!

Nuisance, Gorgeous, and Swipe Right

Pace and Rhythm Curate the Audience Experience

Well, we had a really fun Pool Party!

Every team was fun and surprising in their own way, and the time just breezed by.

Pace and rhythm are things you forget about the audience experience, but when those are good, you’re having a good show. Something to keep in mind!

Thank you to Nuisance, Gorgeous, Swipe Right, and all the amazing people on our last minute mashup jam team.

Longform Improv every Thursday night at the Glendale Room – check it out!

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Gin Belly + 2012 at the Glen Room Were Amazing!

What a fun night of long from improv comedy!

Gin Belly + 2012 at the Glendale Room was awesome! These teams are hilarious, y’all!

And what a great way to kick off the Glendale Room’s Longform Thursdays!

Every Thursday there will be a FREE Longform Improv Jam at the Glendale Room from 7pm to 8:30pm followed shortly by some amazing Longform teams at 9pm!

In the next few weeks we’re going to have:

Red Door
We’ll Adapt
Miss Golightly
Kim and Eric
And some other amazing teams!

So join us! It’s going to be fun!

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