Dream Warrior is Alive! I Finally Read My Pilot!

I Finally Read Dream Warrior!

I read my pilot “Dream Warrior” at Re/Arte Centro Literário with the Latinx Comedy Pachanga ensemble + friends!

Man, it was a powerful moment to finally share this very personal piece of writing with the world.

Basically, a cowardly and selfish community college English teacher has to become a superhero when he inherits the mantle of “Dream Warrior” (a shaman who fights people’s demons in their dreams).

Towards the end I wanted to start crying – hearing everyone read the script in the room together with the audience reconnected me with the work in a way I didn’t expect; it took me back to the moment I finished it and accepted that I had written something special.

It was the kinda moment that felt scripted, but that there was no way I could write – validation from the universe.

Big Thanks to My Cast:

Audrey Pinto
Gio Ornellas
Frankie Estrella
Oscar Ramirez
Victor Bryan Olivas
Jonathan Farach

Thanks to Rearte LA for hosting us (host your events here! Just hit them up on IG)

Thanks to my sis, Melissa Funes, for all the help with social media and producing.

Thankfully to Chris Trovador for the amazing artwork.

And a very special thanks to the Pack Theater’s Pilot Writing Class. Keisha Zollar and Andrew Kimler guided me from start to finish with this pilot, helping me grow this seed into a beautiful garden of a pilot. If you want to write your first pilot, I highly recommend you take their “Writing a Pilot” online class ASAP.

So now what? The ensemble gave me a bunch of great notes, so now it’s time to punch up! Stay tuned for the next chapter of “Dream Warrior!”

Write the thing because writing it will change you for the better.

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