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I Studied with Rebecca Sohn at Camp Improv Utopia West, and I Loved It!

Got to study with Rebecca Sohn for the first time at Camp Improv Utopia West!

It was a real treat for me as I’ve been studying with Rich Sohn for the past year and a half on Zoom through the Pack Theater, and to be honest, I’ve been a fan of his since he and Rebecca first arrived in LA.

Rebecca’s workshop was amazing! She taught us to deescalate the pressure we as improvisers put on ourselves to have amazing scene starts, and to just go out there connect with our scene partner and have fun.

Here are some nuggets of Rebecca’s Wisdom:

The scene that is happening is the most important moment.

Just because someone steps out to support doesn’t mean they have an idea.

We have to be tricked into not getting into our heads.

The person who took the risk just wants someone to show up for them.

Free yourselves of what constitutes a good initiation.

A good initiation: someone starts talking

Remember: we’re the only ones who care about the form and suggestion (the audience doesn’t).

No pressure is permission to make any choice.

As improvisers, we are most powerful when we stick to the first choice.

Beginning a scene is like rowing a boat: you’re moving forward but always looking back to what’s happened before.

One more takeaway:

I loved that we had a workshop on this micro-skill. It’s little things like this that actually make a big difference in becoming a balanced improviser.

Also, I was humbled by Rebecca’s confession that this is something’s she’s still dealing with; therefore, this is something we’ll all deal with for the rest of our improv journeys. It’s good to know there’s always more to learn. Now go study with Rebecca, y’all! And go to Camp Improv Utopia!

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