The Improv Life: I Miss My Comedy Adventures

The Improv Life: I Miss My Comedy Adventures

I’ve been consuming Star Wars like a mother fucker during quarantine.

Clone Wars, Rebels, The Mandalorian, the new Marvel Comics (The Darth Vader ones are lit), the old, decanonized Dark Horse Comics, Youtube clips of Obi Wan Kenobi killing Darth Maul for the second time, that new found footage sketch from Nerdist turning the Mandalorian into a 90’s sitcom.

I just miss having my own adventures with my comedy life; I watch Star Wars heroes try to save the universe and think of my own adventures with my crew of misfits as we try to make my world a better place through comedy bits.

I miss getting in my car and hauling ass to LA, driving with purpose and passion. The drive was ridiculous, but there was something waiting for me at my destination: community

My peers. People like me. Dreamers dedicating their nights to comedy and each other. One shared purpose: making it (whatever that means for each person).

Tomorrow is Sunday. And that day would always be an adventure in LA.

My very last day in LA pre-quarantine saw me taking a class at Groundlings, eating Ramen at my favorite spot, doing an improv practice with random people at my friend’s Renata’s apartment, doing a clown workshop at Catsby, hanging out with my boys Frankie and J-Blaze, watching three hours of amazing comedy, and then, the drive home.

This was such an amazing day, and I was scheduled to have this day every two weeks. I was looking forward to it. But it didn’t happen. It’s almost as if I got one last taste before it all went away.

I miss the drive. I miss the people. I miss the places. I miss the community. Most of all, I miss the purpose and meaning these adventures gave me: I was living my passion and being validated by the universe every step of the way.

Now I got Star Wars. And that’s filling my spiritual void. Star Wars is about family and hope. And they’re giving me hope that one day soon I’ll be reunited with my comedy family. Till then, I’m going to make Twitch Shows work for me.

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The Improv Life Ep.5 with Mayanna Berrin – Fernando’s Improv Blog Podcast

This was an amazing conversation, very honest, vulnerable, and healing.

Ep.5 of The Improv Life with Mayanna Berrin

Welcome to Episode 5 of the Improv Life! 

My amazing guest was Mayanna Berrin! An LA based comedian who I have crossed paths with the past year, and who I am just impressed with from top to bottom for a million different reasons. 

I remember meeting Mayanna in my UCB Level 201 Class last year and connecting with her over a show at the Pack Theater called Super Dating Simulator, a choose-your-own-adventure, LIVE anime inspired melodrama created and produced by Sam Weller, Reed H. Sights, and Sara Brown.

We would later both be in Super Dating Simulator where Mayanna was one of the leads, and she absolutely crushed it. Mayanna is super talented. I knew she was funny from seeing her perform and just talking to her, but I never had this deep a conversation with her till today. We did not brush off any topic for being too taboo, controversial, or potentially uncomfortable for the listener. There was an honesty and vulnerability in our conversation that made this episode of the Improv Life very special. Check it out! 

You can listen on SoundCloud too.

Here’s What Mayanna and I Talked About

  • How 1 trip to Broadway changed Mayanna’s life forever and put her on the path to doing Musical Theater 
  • Why you have to be a little off-beat to be if you’re going to do comedy 
  • Mayanna’s experience getting a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) at the University of Miami and her experience occupying those white spaces 
  • The Racism in Broadway Musicals nobody ever talks about, and how that racism affected her school’s curriculum and her BFA experience 
  • The micro-aggressions she had to experience while at Miami 
  • Our experience in our UCB 201 Class and our critiques of the culture 
  • Why people seek validation from comedy and why you shouldn’t 
  • The highs and lows of stand-up comedy and dating them 
  • Why it’s better to stay in your lane and the pitfalls of making comedy that tries to comprehend the experience of a marginalized group you’re not a part of (basically, don’t do it or be super delicate) 
  • Being a BIPOC in comedy, seeing yourself represented on screen, and the effect that has on you and the othering effect it engineers 
  • Why improv is a freeing artform and doesn’t have to be tethered to the expectations of other types of theater 
  • How to Manage White Fragility in the Improv World 
  • Just the general experience of being a BIPOC improviser in a white improv world 


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