Ka-Blahm-o! Comics No.1 was a Huge Success!

Hot damn! The premier of Ka-Blahm-O! Comics No.1 at Catsby was a success – this was a fire show with an all Latinx lineup!

I feel like I’ve really leveled up as a programmer this year, but if I’m going to be honest, I’m just lucky to know a lot of comedy superstars in the making.

It’s not just about me asking talented people to share their gifts with me and the audience; it’s also asking people to go out there and try something new outside their comfort zone and have that experience of adjusting their performance in real time to the audience’s response, the best teacher for any performer.

There was a little bit of everything yesterday, and I’m glad we just put it all out there and trusted ourselves to succeed and have fun.

I think the audience dug it, and that’s a win in my book.

Thank you to all the amazing Latinx comedians who performed last night and shared their genius with us. Thanks to Chad Damiani and Catsby for the slot and guidance. Thanks to the amazing audience who gave their full attention to an all Latinx show. Thank you to the Latinx Comedy Pachanga for the help with social media and producing.

And finally, special thanks to Frankie Estrella for doing all this crazy shit with me all weekend long. We filmed for a web series, drove up and down SoCal, had Del Taco and Fatburger, did two shows together + a workshop, and shared the glory of Ka-Blahm-O! with the world. I love you, brother. Thank you for doing all this with me.

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The Sketch Comedy Life: Don’t Let Ideas Escape You

The Sketch Comedy Life: Don’t Let Ideas Escape You

As a writer, you’re only as good enough as your ideas and your ability to bring them into the world.

That’s why you you have to write every idea down and then see which ones are worth further development.

Man, getting ideas is easy. Go read a book, watch a movie, take a walk. Live life basically and ideas will come.

But, you’re presence of mind to write down ideas as they come to you will make all the difference when it comes to have something to write about.

I’m not trying to play down the difficulty in getting ideas; I’m emphasizing the importance of cataloging your ideas for some future use.

I write a poem every day, and there are some days that I’m just bombarded with different lines and verses, each exploring a specific subject or theme that’s on my mind.

I’ll think about them over and over, writing the poem in my head for later publication.
Or, if it’s a lot of things coming at once, I’ll go journal. More often than I like to admit, I acknowledge the idea but get on with my life – the idea dies as the thought that birthed it disappears.

That happened to me a few times today. Or I’ll be asleep, wake up with a profound thought, but then go back to bed. Believe me, I regret not writing down a lot of these lines.

But here’s the positive: when I do write down an idea that just comes to me, it now has the potential to become something else, something bigger and more meaningful, or maybe just something I can revisit later when I have more insight for how to approach it.

I think one of the secret goals of National Sketch Writing Month is to get people to write down their ideas more because who knows, you might write something amazing that will crush it with an audience.

One more thing. For this to work, you can’t judge your ideas. Judging your ideas will kill your ideas because finding a flaw in them will be easy and you’ll get discouraged. When you’re panning for gold, you’re going to get rocks, but if you want the gold, you’re going to have to sort through the rocks.

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The Improv Life: What I Love About Producing Shows

The Improv Life: What I Love About Producing Shows

So between Sunday and yesterday, I produced two amazing shows on Twitch, each with their own concepts, voices, audiences, and great lineup of writers and performers.

Writing and performing are two things I live for, but doing it with people who you genuinely like and excite you creatively, takes those two passions to another level.

And that’s what I love about producing shows – the level of talent and creativity you are a witness to while being a participant.

People are just so damn talented. It’s always a trip (the good kind) to see how people create, how their worldview and life experiences affect the art they bring into the world.

A lot of times I’m just in awe of what people are doing on stage or the writing they’re sharing. I have a front row seat, just thinking to myself, “How are they doing this? Who thinks like this? This is amazing.” And sometimes I’ll even forget to hop back into the show because of how much fun I’m having as an audience member.

Don’t get me wrong: there are bad shows. But the less we talk about that, the better (this isn’t the moment).

It’s just that everyone walking around is a secret genius, and when a person finds the platform that best fits their gifts, you can see that genius on display, and be witness to a singular energy you’re never going to see again in this specific moment. Yes, I’m a sentimental bastard, but that’s because I want to hold onto things that will be erased by time, and every show unfortunately – good or bad – will be erased by time.

So I guess what I really love about producing shows is witnessing amazing talent in a moment that will never be again.

Thank you to all the amazing artists who did the 69 Steps with Jon Lopez and the Dazed and Confused Poetry Club to all the tech people who made it possible, and to the Pack Twitch Channel and San Antonio Learning Annex for hosting us.

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