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How The Latinx Comedy Pachanga Taught Me to Put a Show Together

It’s a Late Friday Night

Just put the show order together for next Friday’s Latinx Heritage Show at the Ledge Theater at 8pm!

It’s been a while since I’ve curated a variety show, so I had to sit with every piece and performer to see what would be the best lineup possible.

You want to set up everyone for success. And you do that by keeping in mind how every piece is fun in its own way and how it will be affected by the previous piece and how it can possibly affect what follows next in the show.

I mean there’s more than that – putting a show together is an art form they don’t teach you in comedy schools (unless you’re on a house sketch team or you took Mike Upchurch’s old sketch level 3 class at the Pack).

But it’s funny because learning how to curate a variety show relates back to the Latinx Comedy Pachanga.

We started the Latinx Comedy Pachanga to create stage time and opportunities for Latinx comedians. In starting this project, I’ve learned a million things.

So putting a show together is just one of many skills I now possess had I not taken the risk along with Richard Aaron, my sister, and a great ensemble of America’s funniest Latinos to put up a Latinx sketch show in LA.

And you know what? There’s still more to learn. Not just about comedy, but about producing, recruiting, collaborating, leading, encouraging artists, and just a lot of stuff.

I’m really proud of the Latinx Comedy Pachanga and all the work we’ve done. I think y’all are really going to enjoy our Latinx Heritage Month show next Friday at the Ledge Theater, so please join us!

The Ledge is a new theater started by Shaun Landry to showcase diverse voices front and center, and I’m super honoured to bring our show there.

So be there!

#latinxcomedypachanga #latinxheritagemonth #theledge


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