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The Glendale Room is My Oracle Park

Let’s Play Ball!

Here’s a picture from a show at the Glendale Room a few weeks back!

Nuisance (my Pack House Improv Team) along with Frick’n’Seilaff, Ka-Blahm-O! and a fun mashup team put on a great night of improv comedy.

The Glendale Room has some really good energy. Something about the space makes it fun and easy to perform.

It reminds me of Oracle Park where the San Francisco Giants play.

It’s a baseball stadium built to be nothing else but a not-too-big ball park for hitting homers, stealing bases, clapping at double plays, drinking beer, and shooting the breeze with your friends during a long afternoon of nine dudes trying to stop one dude from getting home.

Basically, The Glendale Room is made for live comedy, and it’s perfect for that. The intimacy generated from the energy in the space is unique and special, and I encourage you to check it out when you get a chance.

In fact, I’ll be putting up a show there tomorrow night at 8:30pm featuring Ka-Blahm-O!, Sunset Brunch, and a mashup team. This is a free show, so join us!

#improv #theglendaleroom
#glendale #LAimprov #nuisance


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