The Improv Life: What I Learned From Brian James O’Connell’s Almost Biblical AMA From a Few Weeks Back

So Much Freaking Improv-Sketch-Comedy Wisdom Right Here

Here are some quotes from the Epic AMA Brian James O’Connell did a few weeks ago to promote his upcoming All Improv class starting on Saturday, April 2nd at 12pm to 2pm

“We’re all just searching for something that works, but also for something that works better.”

“You know you’re ready to teach when you’re able to demonstrate the lesson without embarrassing the student.” (Eric Honeycut actually)

“Anything you have more than three books on that is who you are as an improviser.”

“There are nothing but positive outcomes when you treat other people like human beings.”

“People use the term guru to hold power over people.”

“Improv is the first thing that taught me that I am enough.”

“If you have a successful theater, you should be integrating vertically.”

“Theater politics will never make you feel valid.”

“Improv is like golf because you can keep doing it forever.”

“You can mine your pain, but this isn’t therapy. It’s helpful, it can be therapeutic, but it’s not therapy.”

“Hit-Hit-Backoff-Hit: Play the game, play the game, take a break, and then play the game again.”

“When a man lies he murders a part of himself.”

“When someone shows you who they are the first time, believe them – Maya Angelou”

“You know you’re ready to coach when someone asks you – Miles Stroth.”

“Learn your value.”

“Never apologize for being yourself.”

BOC is teaching an All Improv class Saturdays in April from 12pm to 2pm where you get to work on a specific thing you’re working on. It’s a $100 for 4 weeks, so it’s only $25 per class, and that’s a freaking deal – a steal quite frankly.

I know his class is almost sold out, and who knows when he’s going to teach it again, so I highly recommend you take it if you want to work with this improv-sketch-comedy madman genius.

To sign up, just hit up BOC or the All Improv page.

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