The Improv Life: How Viewpoints Got Me Out of My Head

I loved working with Oliver Georgiou.

Connecting With Your Body

Improv is an art form that rewards either a rapid fire cognitive process or instant emotional reactions.

Both are great and amazing, and every improviser needs both, but when you lean heavily into one you might close yourself off to the benefits of the other.

Not only that, it closes you off to any other potential inputs from the environment that can influence your character’s behavior or how you are reacting in the moment.

Viewpoints is an improv method that opens you up to everything — the shape of the room, the relationship of objects in the space, how far away are you from the wall, the humidity in the air, the ambient sounds and aromas surrounding you, the posture of your scene partner, the composition of the light in the room, and more.

Basically, it empowers your other senses to become as much a part of your improv style as your heart and brain.

And Oliver Georgiou is a great teacher.

He teaches Viewpoints as another tool to add to your improv tool belt, not as a prescriptive philosophy that is the ultimate truth of improv.

Working with him felt like seeing a Chiropractor — he observed my play style and adjusted my movements to allow for other things to inform my choices, not just how fast I could respond cognitively.

He is firm, grounded, and physical in his teaching approach.

We were encouraged to wear clothing we would feel comfortable moving around in and to go without shoes during the class.

But perhaps this is because Viewpoints requires you to be in tune with your physical senses to respond in the moment without having your brain or emotions judge or water down your choices.

To be clear, this is my understanding of Viewpoints as I experienced it. I don’t know if this is a correct summation.

However, you should try it!

Viewpoints will get you out of your head and into your body. Your heightened physical awareness will inform your choices and expand your horizon of possible reactions in addition to cognition and feeling.

And Oliver is a great teacher! Reach out to him personally at for more information and class schedules.



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