X-Men & Improv

I think I joined
An improv team
Because it was the closest
I could ever get
To being on the X-Men

The X-Men are outcasts
Banding together
To serve a world
That hates and fears them

The work is hard
And the rewards are meager
But the bonds
That are formed
In the struggle
Are what make
Every single battle worth it

Same goes for an improv team
Bad shows in front of cold audiences
“Do you get paid” questions
From relatives who want you to sell out
Enough money for gas or food
But not both
Normies confusing improv for stand up
“Tell me a joke” they always ask
Explaining your life choices
To adult friends
With zero sense of humor
Always peppering in
“It’s like whose line”
To explain to someone
Who has no f****** clue
What improv is

This is all made bearable
By people who understand the struggle
People who just get it
Because they got to deal
With the same shit

To find people
Who understand your pain
Embrace your peculiarities
And just love your weird
That they want more of it
That’s what it feels like to
Be on a good improv team

And that’s probably
What it feels like
To be an X-Man



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