The Improv Life: I Need The Stage

The stage is where I get the best high possible. 

The Best Drug In The World

I don’t have any vices that you can associate with me, except that I like Red Bull. 

It’s not that I’m a straight edge person who consciously doesn’t drink or use drugs as a lifestyle choice. 

Nor is it a religious thing. 

It’s not even a health thing. 

Don’t get me wrong—I’ve had moments in my life where the party never stopped. Only difference is I never lived for the party.

Nope. I got one drug. I got one thing that I just can’t get enough of. I got one substance that overpowers all others: performing.

If you’re not a performer, you’re not going to understand. It’s a feeling you can’t get elsewhere. It’s not something you can pick up at a liquor store or dispensary. You can’t get it on Amazon. Target doesn’t have it. 

Only one place to get this: the stage. 

It’s a complex narcotic too. It’s a bunch of things at once working together to affect you positively.

The most obvious one is laughter. The audience’s approval gives you strength, and you draw from it, leading to an amazing performance.

Second thing is working with a great partner. Some one who for a brief moment you share the same brain with. You both agree what’s going on—the game of the scene, the relationship, what’s at stake—and you build something great from there.

When you work with someone who gets you, it’s magical. It’s like painting a mural from opposite sides of a wall. When you reach the middle, you’ve realized you’ve painted the matching halves of a beautiful face. 

And third thing—being present, being in the moment, being so anchored in the unfolding truth that you forget about the world outside of the reality you’re creating.

When it’s good, the scene feels like a world you’ve always lived in, and you’re bummed when it’s over because you don’t want to leave. 

So there you are. I’m not a boozer, I’m not a drug user. I’m an improviser, writer, and performer. I get high off my art. And I’m pretty sure a lot of performers feel the same: being on stage and performing at peak ability with excellent peers in front of a great crowd is the world’s best high.

#improv #comedy


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