The Improv Life: Do It Together

Ka-Blahm-O & J-Blaze with Special Guest Liam O’Mahoney rocked the house last night at the Idiot Dome.

Do it together

The Idiot Dome is a whimsical carousel of clowns, fools, and other miscreants. You have six minutes to put on a group set of whatever. It’s not conventional, These-Are-The-Rules, Can-I-Have-A-Suggestion-Please Improv.

It’s out there. Free Form, Chaotic and Organic.

And these four brothers rocked the house last night at the Idiot Dome, @wetthehippo & @catsbyshow production. 

What I love about these guys is how open they are to trying new things, fail, love the experience, and walk away with life long memories.

Liam O’Mahoney has been the Marty McFly to my Doc Brown plenty of times, and that’s because he’s not afraid to try new things and learn as he goes. He agrees to new experiences and is better for it. He is hyper aware that growth accelerates when you leave your comfort zone. 

And Jonathan Blake is a Comedy Sisyphus: he takes every opportunity he can get to showcase himself, honing his craft in the process by failing repeatedly. He fails more than anybody I know, and his growth has been explosive because of it.

And Frankie Estrella treats every Idiot Dome like the Super Bowl—he loves the experience. He goes into “Show Mode.” His truth flows out of him, captivating the audience with his In-The-Moment honesty & charisma. 

And me? I got the awesome memories to carry with me forever. 

Yeah, I want to be rich and famous, but the most consistent reward this artform has given me is the friendships, experiences, and memories; relationships forged in the fire of shared burden and shared reward; it’s a mutual interdependence that turns strangers into friends, and friends into brothers

These are my brothers, and I love them. Find people you love, jump off cliffs together, win and lose together, go forth into uncharted territory and discover new worlds together. What else is there to do?

#improv #idiot #idiotdome


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