Punk Rock Poet Improviser

 I don’t have any awards, but living my life and pursuing my passions is a reward in itself.

My Three Rules for Living

In my heart, I will always be a punk rock poet with something to say. The spirit of punk will always live with me. As a punk rock poet, I believe the following things:

1. I don’t need anyone’s permission.

2. I am enough as I am

3. You can get more done today than tomorrow, and yesterday never does shit

How do these principles apply to Improv? Easy. These principles are a way to get the most out of this Improv Life. 

1. You don’t need permission to sign up for a class, put on a show, or try something new. Back in the day, we didn’t have anywhere to perform, so we did shows in friends’ backyards. We did improv in parking lots and people’s living rooms. Had we waited for someone to hook us up with a space, we’d still be waiting. 

2. I am enough as I am. I will suck in the beginning because everyone sucks in the beginning, but I will not quit. I will not let toxic improvisers determine my worth. I am a good starting point to become a better me. I will use my present self as a base to become the best improviser I can possibly be. 

3. Improvisers live in the Now, and the Now is today. The Now is where shit gets done. It’s where learning takes place. Shows get pitched and produced in the Now. The Now is where you are actively pursuing your improv goals. Stagetime, performance opportunities, new connections, new avenues, new ways of looking at things—the Now is where your growth will come from. 

When you’re in your head, you’re not in the now; you’re in the Hypothetical, and the Hypothetical and tomorrow are basically the same thing. The Hypothetical is where anxiety and self-doubt live. And honestly, fuck those two guys. All they do is tear you down with the threat of what could be.

And yesterday is just a pity party you never want to find yourself in. Because once you’re in, it’s really hard to leave. Like really freaking hard to leave. 

I’m a punk rock poet improviser. I don’t need permission to do stuff; If I wait for things to happen, I’ll be waiting forever. I am me and me is enough; the me in the beginning won’t be the same me in the end. I live in the Now because the Now is where shit gets done. 

#improv #punk #poet  


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