Inspirational Quotes – List No.1

Albert Camus 1

Give all to now.

Carlos Casteneda

Confidence and self-loathing require the same cognitive effort. Think Confident.

Ezra Pound

Some things take experience to understand. Ex. I was Gatsby in Brazil.

Dee Dee Ramone 1

Don’t let your current stage of development from performing in front of a live audience.

Ralph Waldo Emerson 1

Just being you when everybody is trying to get you to conform is an achievement.

Jim Henson 1

Never write the ending to your movie by giving up.

Robert Rodriguez 1

Challenges are exciting because they push the limit of our abilities.

Tina Fey

People laugh at the truth

Salvador Dali

Super-human standards should not be an impediment to creativity

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Your total being in an accumulation of all of your life’s gifts and experiences.



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