Charisma – How to Wield It, by Macho Man Fernando Funes

“Wield the power that is inside of you with all the purpose that creation endowed you with, brother.”

– Macho Man Fernando Funes


As told by Macho Man Fernando Funes

Well, let me tell you something brother. Listen up real close, ears to the wall, because I’m only going to say this once: anyone can be charismatic. Anyone can pull something special from inside of themselves that makes them special and distinct and separate from every other individual on this planet, dude. Because charisma, brother, is innate, and contrary to skeptics, cynics, and other septic tanks of negativity, it can be developed.

You got it, so great. You need some and want some; I dig it.  Whether you got it or don’t got it, you can develop it. There is nothing more powerful than faith, faith in yourself to accomplish what you set out, to get your dreams by the throat and tackle them down, not letting go, and saying “God damn, you dreams! I will not let you out of my grasp! I will not let you dissipate into the thick, dark, and fathomless  mist of Complete and Utter Defeat! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Dig it”!

Charisma is energy. It’s a transitive energy you share with the audience. But its not a one way current, with only you, the performer, giving it to the audience and them receiving it. It’s a reciprocal exchange whereby the more energy you give out, the more the audience will give too.

Charisma Quote

Sometimes it is not vocal, and it takes time to win an audience over, and there are times when you will never win an audience over. Embrace these tough audiences because your character will be forged in the fire of hecklers, ass-holes, and people not interested in what your doing. It’s not all sunshine, rainbows, and lollipops during Fourth of July Weekend while Sammy Hagar plays a free concert at the Bash of the Beach sponsored by Slim Jim and Rizzoli & Isles.

Charisma is about committing. It is about committing to the thing you are creating. You don’t know what the end point is, nor does the audience, but what matters is that the journey is magical and captivating, and that the audience forgets about reality and is completely sucked in to whatever it is you are creating.

How to be Charismatic

• Make a confident entrance
• Have a big smile on your face; look confident
• Stand up straight
• Connect with audience members through eye contact, hand gestures, and individual interactions
• Warm up the audience with your excitement to be there
• Take ownership of the stage
• Connect with the audience on a mass spiritual level
• Be present
• Take responsibility over how you present yourself
• Look your best and own it
• Have fun, live the moment, and you’ll bring the audience along with you.

Charisma Can Be Developed

The Macho Man Fernando Funes is an optimist at heart. He believes people can change and grow if they work at it. He recognizes the eternal value of continued progress. Stage presence can be developed. For some, it’s as natural as breathing, and for others, it’s a giant they can’t seem to slay.

Whether you got charisma, or feel like you will never have it, you can grow it. Yeah, brother, some things are in-born, but I refuse to believe that you can’t develop some if you work at it. Keep y0ur dreams alive by never giving up. No one ever made it to the top without putting the time in or building an audience. Never forget that.

Dig it.

Macho Man Fernando Funes

charisma 4

Tattoo this mantra on the space between your lips






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